360 Photography

Hire our fully equipped 360 Studio

We have 12 years experience in 360 degree photography.  We manufacture and custom build 360 machines in house, enabling us to create or modify a turntable tailored to your products.  From a pair of earnings to a large piece of furniture (max 100Kg); there are 4 machines in our studio of varying sizes to suit your needs.

If speed is of concern, our patent pending lighting technique can produce a finished 360 degree image in under 3.5 minutes (with a true white background). 1 photographer + 1 assistant can produce over 100 spinning images in an 8 hour day.   No experience is needed to use our 360 machines.  An amateur photographer will be up and running after our 30 minute training session.  We will happily spend more time teaching if it is needed.

Our workshop can rapidly produce frames and stands to support your products on the rotating platform.  However,  if you intend to shoot a large amount of  product in one day, it would be best to design and build prior to your arrival.

360 Photography Service

We also offer a 360 photography service for projects large or small. Click here for more information