Crayfish 50 photography machine

Crayfish 50 – £1295 + vat

Our portable 360 degree photography machine is designed to shoot everything from small pieces of jewellery to heavy furniture and people.   There are many accessories available to achieve different photographic looks. The control box can change the speed of the turntable and number of frames, ranging from 2 to 1000.  It is possible to pause the machine on every frame, or have it continually turn.   The speed of each rotation can be from 30 seconds through to 30 minutes. The package includes:

  1. Aluminium 50cm turntable
  2. Crayfish Control Box
  3. 5m cable connecting control box to table
  4. Power Supply
  5. 1 white acrylic disc
  6. 1 adapter plate for connecting manikin shaft
  7. Instruction DVD

The crayfish 50 comes with a white acylic disc which produces clean reflections of all products. See the clear disc system below if you require your photography without reflections.
An alternative is to cover the table with a white paper disc.

The disc floats on a bed of 15mm ball transfer units. These distribute the weight evenly, and are available globally should you need to replace them. All our parts on all our machines are designed with reliability and maintenance in mind. Each bearing pops out and can be replaced in seconds. Our machines have been running for over 3 years and we are have not needed to replace any of our bearings.

We build our turntables with simple designs and with as few moving parts as possible. The gear system is basic but extremely reliable and robust.

A solid aluminium plate is bolted to the top of the gear and ball transfer units – allowing for weights up to 100Kg.

A black acrylic disc can be purchased (£55) if you require a different look to white. Light coloured jewellery looks great with the contrasting black background

For a true white background without a reflection, we recommend our center-less clear disc and supports. The photo below is an example of shooting on a clear disc. Please note that 2 light sources were used for this shot – 1 flash head behind the shoe, and 1 flash head above the shoe (the top light is 1 stop darker than the backlight).

This image has not been cut out or erased. It was simply resized in Photoshop to fit on this page, and the levels were tweaked to give a true 255 255 255 white background. Finally we added 30% of sharpening. This image was taken with the Canon 5D mk1.





We use Lastolite Background screens to achieve a true white background for products and people. The Megalite is ideal for small to large products –, but we recommend the larger HiLite Screen for people –